Use This Method To Bet and Profit From Losers Daily With A Success Rate Of 91.3%

It’s Crazy When You Think About It.

I went to work 5 days per week and took my salary of £18,000 in 2015.

As well as doing that every night before I went to bed I placed bets on the horses.

In 2015, I pulled in £26,872 and change.

49% more than I did working 6am - 2pm every week.

So Why Am I Telling YOU This?

Well I’m guessing you’re here because you too want to either earn a second income, or even just a few extra quid from betting on the horses.

If that is the case then you’ll be really glad you have found this page.

Before we go any further let me introduce myself…

My name is Luke Glover and I call my strategy Slow Horse Luke.

To Explain This Method You Need To Know What Lay Betting Is

And if you’re a punter who is already thinking, get me off here, I don’t do lay betting, please just hear me out as I used to be exactly the same.

So for anyone who doesn’t know a lay bet works like this.

To start off with we bet on a horse to lose a race rather than win.

When we get it right, we double our stake.

So say if I say this horse at 10/1 is going to lose a race but a £10 LAY bet on it.

If that horse loses I get my £10 back and also win £10.

Sounds easy right, it’s easy to pick horses at 10/1 that will lose.

But the reason people keep away from laying and the reason I originally did is that if I say that 10/1 horse is going to lose and put £10 on it, if that horse does win, my liability is £100!

Which Means 2 Things…

1) That I need £100 in my account to lay that horse at £10

2) If that horse does win I lose not £10 but £100

Its easy to see why people automatically say they just do not do laying.

Trust Me I Know, I Was The Same.

I used to back horses to win, I was ok at it, I ended most months scraping a profit, banking over £200 was a good month for me and it allowed me to keep experimenting as that’s what I loved to do. 2013 I ended the year making a total of £855 profit from backing horses to win at £10 a go.

Last year was a great year for me, but at the end of it I was exhausted!

I took my winnings out and the day the hit my bank I handed in my notice and didn’t even work a day of it. Just told them to keep a month’s wages I was going on holiday!

I returned from my cruise in February, prepared to put some of my winnings to work.

£18k on one side to live off, £3k gone on the cruise and £5,800 left as my betting bank, and 2 back up banks.

Set to repeat what I did last year and then look at some new methods through the year too to increase the profits and split the risk of a poor performance one month.

From 6th February to the end of November I have added another £22,117 profit. More or less the exact same pace as last year too.

A statistician and analyst by trade I would look over my strategy and methods and results to try to tweak them to gain small performance percentages for anything I could.

It was only when a fellow tipster released some figures in 2014 about favourites that something jumped out at me.

He was saying that his value service was the new best thing and that over the past 180 days only 36% of favourites has won the race and of these winners 81% were under 2/1 (3.0 decimal) he went on to boast his service could hit 1 in 3 (33%) with min odds of 4/1 (5.0 decimal).

I’ll admit it was a good pitch but in theory and 60 days later I was requesting my money back after hitting 10 winners from 120+ bets.

One Good Thing Came From That… His Research Was Good!

I double checked it and his figures were about right.

Previous 6 months, 34.2% of favourites had won and 76.2% were priced under 3.0.

This got me thinking about alternative methods to capitalise on this trend.

The only thing that made sense was to lay the favourite,…

I mean the odds would be low and you’d be looking at about a 66% success rate on average.

What I Saw Was Potential.

Nothing outrageous but with the low stakes and low odds I managed to get over the hump of I DO NOT LAY BET!

From then my lay betting strategies have gone from strength to strength, the first thing I did was remove the 20% of favourites that were over 3.0 odds. Only backing the lower risk favourites.

Overall, I won at a low % but the lower odds resulted in a very similar outcome.

It Was Time To Get Serious!

The First Step was to assess…

How Does A Horse Lose A Race? I Narrowed This Down To 3 Key Points…

The Start (Mainly in shorter races)
Falling (Only in jump races of course)
Being Too Slow!
That Last Part Seems To Obvious But It Would Be The Key To My Success!


It’s a simple formula that I like to remember every time that I look for my selections.

There is no where else that a speed rating is any more beneficial that over short races.

A slower horse only wins a short race with an incredible start!

So all it come down to then form me was how high do I want to lay?

Do I want to be betting on 12/1 horses to lose and needing £120 in my bank for every £10 gained?

Or should I cap this off at 4/1 and bet at £30 stakes, the same liability of £120 would allow me to win £30 per win.


A lot of tipsters who advise win bets will advise a 100pt betting bank, at £10 bets that’s £1,000.

Now you may think that for laying you would need a bigger bank, that is not true. Of course a bigger bank always helps but this is the same for any type of betting. Some of the worst strategies for needing a huge bank are the stop at a winner style tipsters where you calculate your bet on each bet that day to make a set profit, so you can be betting £700-£800 by the end of the day just to hit your £50 target and re-coup lost bets.

Laying is different, and a 100pt bank is plenty to get you started.

That’s like laying a horse at 100/1, which although a pretty safe bet is a little daft. Risking everything on 1 bet, it’s certainly not my approach.

Instead we can look for multiple lays in the same day and aim for a perfect day every time.

When 1 does go on to win, the others that day help reduce the loss.

This is when I started trialling the multiple bet method…

Laying 3 In A Race To Lower Big Losses

There’s only ever 1 winner for each race (ok there are those rare dead heats but still, those are rare).

So we’re not going to lose 2-3 bets in one race even by backing more.

When we get it right and none win, we make multiple points profit, when one does come in the liability is instantly recused with the other 2 being winning lay bets.

It’s a little concept that when you narrow down the races with likely runners that can be very powerful and speed up bank growth.

So how else can we pick losers? Especially in the Winter months…


Back a favourite with a few hundred quid before?

Odds on, £300 on to make £100 profit.

It’s nailed on right?

Then it falls!

First jump or last, it doesn’t matter!

The Lay Bettor’s Best Friend… JUMP SEASON!

That 1/3 horse if layed, would have returned the same £100 profit with a liability of £33.34.

Of course you still need the ability to not back the better jumpers in the field just because of the odds but it’s a little like value betting for laying.

It’s all about being able to make the best possible decisions based ALL of the information, and a lot of that information involves…


Wind, rain, sleet or snow and that can be in March/April time :D

The going has a much bigger effect that some will believe on certain horses in certain style races.

Its something that I’ve never ignored and a final look at the forecasts around the country before making the actual bet is still something I do religiously.

All this added together leads to a formula I have printed in every notebook I jot down in…


If no one knows what will happen as a lay bettor we can still make a very good choice and make a decent profit without risking as much as you might think we have to.

Just look at what it can mean…

£26,872 last year and already over £22,000 this year.

And all this from just a single method I use.


If you’re interested in trying this out, here’s what I’ll do.

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